Wage Earners Development Bond
Wage Earners Development Bond

Any Bangladeshi expatriate service holder can purchase Wage Earner bonds with valid documents with the denomination of Tk. 50,000/-; Tk. 100000/-; Tk.  2,00,000/-; Tk 5,00,000/-; Tk 10,00,000/-; & Tk. 50,00,000/- totaling Tk. up to 1 crore in a lifetime. It can be purchased favouring himself & his dependents or beneficiaries. The duration of a bond is 5 years having interest rates @ 12%, 11%, 10%, and 9% (on the basis of amount)

It's renewable and repatriatable.

Through the main branch of Arabian Exchange Co, Mushaireb, bonds can be purchased from Qatar. The required docs to purchase bonds:

# Salary certificate or service contract

# Valid QID & Passport

# NID or passport copy of the nominee

# Photographs of applicant and nominee