Power of Attorney
Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney should be processed in accordance with the laid down rules stated in ‘The Power of Attorney Act-2015’. Please click here for ‘The Power of Attorney Act-2015’.

1. Requirement for processing of Power of Attorney:

  1. Physical presence of the executant(s) at the Embassy to sign in front of the consular officer.
  2. (two) sets (one original and one photo copy) of unsigned Power of Attorney document completed as per the format (Schedule-Ka, Form-3). Please click for the BANGLA FORMAT or ENGLISH PROFORMA of POA.
  3. A valid Bangladeshi passport/Foreign passport with No Visa Required (NVR) of all executants.
  4. Two Copies of recent passport size photograph (colour photo with white background) for each of the executant(s) and attorney.
  5. If the deed is related to Land Property, then it is required to submit the copy of updated tax receipt (Dakhila) of respective land and update Record of Rights (Khatian/ Porcha)

2. Attestation of Power of Attorney by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dhaka:

  1. The original and photo copy of Power of Attorney document must be attested by the MOFA, Dhaka within 2 months from the date of signing at the Embassy.

3. Fee (Non-refundable):

QR20.00.(per signature)

4. Receiving time:

Between 07:30 am- 2:00 pm (Sunday –Thursday)

5. Delivery time:

Same day delivery. [Please note for attestation of POA issued from Dhaka requires at least one working day]

Note: Power of attorney is not permissible in case of divorce.