MRP Application for the Newborn
How to Apply

Step-1: MRP Application:

  •  Fill in the online MRP Application form and submit it (when prompted).
  •  Please check the spelling and accuracy of the information while filling in your application.
  •  Any distortion of facts may lead to cancellation of MRP at point of time.
  •  Please take a print out of the duly filled in and properly submitted MRP Application form (printed with barcode) and bring it during MRP enrolment at a pre-scheduled appointment time.
  •  Application Form printed without barcode will not be accepted.
  •  A guide line to fill in the MRP form is available Here.

Step-2: Submission of MRP related documents:

  •  The applicant should come to the Embassy of Bangladesh, Doha - Qatar in person along with required documents.
  •  Need to submit the required documents and pay fee at the counter (Room No#17).
  •  An interview may be required prior to the enrolment if any anomaly/anomalies found in the supporting documents.
  •  The Embassy reserves the right to request for any additional documents at any stage for necessary scrutiny.

Step-3: Biometric Enrolment

  • The applicant should keep in mind that actual time for biometric enrollment may vary depending upon various factors. Normally you should plan for 1-2 hours to complete the biometric procedure.
  •  Applicant’s finger prints, signature on the electronic pad and photograph will be taken at the bio-enrolment booth.
  •  During your enrolment you will be provided with a proof copy of your passport information. Please check the accuracy of the information carefully since these will be reflected in your passport. The Embassy of Bangladesh, Doha-Qatar shall not be responsible for any such mistakes.
  • The original passport will be verified here and returned to the applicant along with a delivery slip.

Step-4: Delivery of passport

  •  Once the passport is received by the Embassy from the DIP/Dhaka, a text message will be sent to applicant to collect the passport.
  •  Upon receiving the text, the applicant should come to the Embassy of Bangladesh, Doha - Qatar in person in any working day between 07:30 AM - 2:30 PM (Sunday-Thursday)
  •  Applicants are requested to come along with old passport & delivery slip if specified by the enrolment official.
  •  MRP will be handed over together with the old passport (with necessary observation seal).
  •  If applicant doesn’t come and send anybody to collect the Passport in favour of the applicant, it is necessary to send an authorization of the applicant. Without authorization with proper signature, passport will not be delivered.