Student Visa

An individual who is a regular student or student seeking admission/researcher in any government approved educational institution in Bangladesh, he /she is eligible to apply for Student visa.

Application Process:

A. Online application ( Online MRV Application)

B. Manual application (MRV Application Form)

Requirements for both online and manual applications:
  1. Printed copy of duly filled in online VISA application form and signed accordingly or filled in (manually) Visa application form;
  2. Signature of applicant in application form within the signature marked area
  3. Recent passport size colour photo- 2 (Two) copies with white background;
  4. Original Passport (valid for at least six months with minimum two blank pages ) with a photocopy of photo page;
  5. Invitation/ offer letter from the concerned university/ college/ school (educational institutions in Bangladesh)
  6. Declaration/ recommendation letter from university/ college/ school in Bangladesh
  7. Bank guarantee documents
  8. The applicant needs to submit the application in person and pay visa fees as required (Visa Fees Chart)

Duration of Student Visa

A Student visa may be issued for a maximum of one (01) year with multiple entries. Duration of stay in this category is as required in each visit. Extension up to the course tenure could be obtained from the Department of Immigration and Passport (DIP) in Bangladesh..Please note that the validity of the visa begins from the date of issue and not from the date of travel on your application form

Important Notice

Once the Bangladesh visa has been granted, then a printed copy of visa sticker will be attached on an entire page in your passport. Please check the details carefully for any spelling mistakes and or validity etc

Please do not use Mac pc to fill up online application