His Excellency Ambassador

     H.E. Md. Nazrul Islam


Short Bio of H.E. Md. Nazrul Islam

Md. Nazrul Islam belongs to 15 Batch of BCS (Foreign Affairs). He obtained BSS and MSS from Dept. of International Relations, Dhaka University. He did ‘Diplome’ on International Relations from IIAP, Paris. He was further trained in International Law at International Law Academy, the Hague, the Netherlands.

He was the Director General, Multilateral Economic Affairs at the Bangladesh Foreign Ministry prior to his transfer to Ethiopia taking care of all development issues and evaluation of bilateral and multilateral components of all laws and rules formulated in Bangladesh. In addition, he used to deal with multilateral economic and financial issues and negotiations, migration, climate change, labour concerns, health issues, disaster management, international trade, SDGs, graduation from the LDC status and various other issues. He was Foreign Ministry focal point for National Integrity Strategy. He also served as Member of National Tourism Board, BOESL Board, Probash Kallyan Bank Board, Core Group on Graduation etc.

Among his previous responsibilities, he was the first Director General for East Europe and CIS Wing at the Foreign Ministry and was Deputy Permanent Representative, Bangladesh Permanent Mission, Geneva. He managed comprehensive negotiations at WTO, WIPO, UNCTAD, ITU and CERN. He played pivotal role in TRIPS Agreement negotiation, which extended facilities for pharmaceuticals of the LDCs up to 2033. He served as Directors to two former Foreign Ministers. He was also Director, UN Law of the Sea at the Ministry and Counsellor at Deputy High Commission, Kolkata and Bangladesh Embassy, Rome and Assistant Permanent Representative to FAO, IFAD and WFP.

Md. Nazrul Islam was the immediate former Ambassador of Bangladesh to Ethiopia, Sudan, South Sudan and Burundi and Permanent Representative to African Union and UN-Economic Commission for Africa. He speaks Bangla, English, French and Italian.